By Big Tigger

“This is gonna be an epic thing,” Big Tigger promised at the start of today’s Trending Topics.

After all it’s something you’ve “never heard before, never seen before” in the history of Trending Topics: The Trump Edition.

And it starts last Friday when Tigger helped break the news about an 11-year-old lewd conversation between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and new “Today” anchor Billy Bush. Well, “the audio leaked and it was all to the bad,” Tigger said.

NBC has suspended Bush indefinitely, pending further review. (“What they didn’t say was whether or not he was suspended with or without pay. Stay woke.”)

Next – USA Today has an ongoing investigation into Trump’s 4,000-plus lawsuits, as he has reportedly been accused for years of mistreating women. Meanwhile an interview Trump gave in 1993 “bears some credence to what’s going on,” as when asked about his lifestyle, particularly his reputation with women, he replies: “It’s fortunate I don’t have to run for political office.”

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Still with us? Well believe it or not, “this might not be the end of some audio or footage of Trump being an [expletive],” Tigger advised. Supposedly there is footage from his time as host of “The Apprentice” that has “far worse things” – including his alleged use of The N Word.

Robert DeNiro has no less than unleashed on social media, on Trump; including an admission that “I’d like to punch him in the face.”  The Hamiltones are back with what Tigger is billing as a public service announcement, which is basically Trump’s own crude words, harmonized. And then there’s Jimmy Fallon‘s new skit as Trump, calling Tyler Perry‘s character Madea!

See the hilarity for yourself, below…


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