By Ryan Cameron

At first it sounded like Ryan Cameron was giving Young Thug the benefit of the doubt.

After all, an in-demand artist like “Thugga” should surely know the airport drill: They close the doors of the plane 10 minutes before take-off, Ryan reminds us in today’s Ryan Report. They ask you to be there – if you’re not checking bags – at least 30 minutes beforehand. And if you’re flying international, at lease two hours.

“I’m sure Young Thug may have tried to do all those things,” Ryan continued. “BUT according to this video Alaska Airlines tried to make him miss his flight.”

So apparently the performer with one of the most puzzling forms of delivery on record pulls out his phone and VERY CLEARLY insults the airline employees.

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“[He] calls them peasants – well he calls them ants, so they’re less than peasants,” Ryan says. “If you’re a peasant then you’re just a peasant. But if you’re less than a peasant, then you’re an ant.”

“Did he get there on time though?!” (GOOD question Wanda Smith!)

Well Wanda, he was supposed to be there at least 45 minutes prior to departure, Ryan answered.”But he arrived after that. That [was] the cutoff period for his flight to Seattle for a 7:00 show.

“But it is THEIR fault,” he added sarcastically. “He called them ugly. Nappy-headed. And African.

“They STILL got him on another flight.”

“All that money he had,” Wanda countered. “I would have got him on one too.”

(Oh yeah, did we mention he offered the employees – or again, as he referred to them, “ants” – $15,000 cash to walk off their job at the Atlanta airport? We DID say he was puzzling.)


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