Gucci and Drake together again.

By Hayden Wright

2016 has been a banner year for both Gucci Mane and Drake, for very different reasons. In May, Gucci was released early from prison and spent the last seven months polishing his resume, releasing hits, and climbing back to the top of the rap game. Drake, on the other hand, released Views and reminded everyone why he’s the biggest hip-hop star on the planet right now.

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In any case, the artists joined forces for “Both,” a collaboration that dropped last night with Mane’s The Return of East Atlanta Santa. Gucci visited SantaCon to promote the album, so we already knew he wasn’t messing around. The Drake guest spot reminds us how much ground he’s regained in such little time. What started as “Gucci and Friends” homecoming shows has evolved into a prolific career on the other side of the big house. Drake already appeared on “Back on Road” from Mane’s other 2016 album, Everybody Looking.

As for the song’s title, it’s a coy reference to having “Both” Gucci and Drake on the record. The lyrics are a bit more literal. Drake raps: “I don’t usually do this ‘less I’m drunk or I’m high but I’m both right now.”

Listen to a preview of the song below.

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