Social media has been in a frenzy since Mary Mary member, Tina Campbell, took to Facebook last week to share her feelings about Donald Trump. She wrote and open letter about the newly elected president, saying she will support him in his new position.

“President Donald Trump is the elected leader of this nation so, as a citizen, I choose to be for him. This is not a statement of agreement with all that has been, nor all that will be. It is a statement of a mature, responsible citizen who knows that a perspective, a strategy, or even a fight based in understanding, love, and a willingness to work together as we move forward, accomplishes more and goes much farther than a strategy based in anger, rage, fear, complaints, utter contempt, constant disagreeableness, and noncooperation.”

She further stated in her letter:

“I choose to believe that America is great, always has been great, and is becoming greater because it is in God that we trust. He is the founding father of this nation, and there is no failure in Him. I chose to believe that a people led by President Donald Trump, united under God, will never be defeated.”

Tina Campbell also said that as a believer in Jesus Christ, she chooses to forgive and pray for Donald Trump.

“I believe that transformation and progress are inevitable when love and forgiveness are at the helm of the journey. Unforgiveness separates us, but forgiveness unites.”

She may not agree with everything she says, but she has to take a biblical stance and support whoever is chosen to lead the United States. She believes that the power from God is at work in Donald Trump, and it will be used for the greater good of this nation.

To see the letter for yourself, click on the link below.


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