‘The Most Interesting Thing To Come Out Of That Atlanta Falcons Loss’: The Ryan Report

Author: Ryan Cameron

Two days after New England’s historic Super Bowl comeback (and yes, sigh, Atlanta’s devastating loss) one of the most popular Falcons ever is actually conceding publicly that he was inspired by how Tom Brady played.

“I am not making this up,” Ryan Cameron said in today’s Ryan Report. “[Onetime Atlanta Falcon quarterback] Michael Vick told TMZ after seeing Tom Brady he is thinking about an NFL comeback!”

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(In case you missed it, after spending his first six years in Atlanta followed by stints with the Eagles, Jets and Steelers Vick announced his retirement days ago after 13 years in the league.)

Nonetheless, “he is leaving the door open, staying in NFL shape in case the right opportunity comes along because he says Tom Brady inspired him at 39 years old.”

“Obviously [the 36-year-old is] changing his mind,” Ryan continued. “We’ll see what happens.”

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