A U.K. company put the "dairy" in "legendary."

By Hayden Wright

Eight weeks ago, Beyoncé dropped the double bombshell that she’s pregnant—with twins. The unique maternity shoot that declared her pregnancy on Instagram has inspired countless tributes and parodies, but this one takes the cheesecake.

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The Robin Collective, a London events company “specialising in experimental food & drink” got very experimental with a giant block of cheese they transformed into Beyoncé. Don’t look away—it’s “Brie-oncé.”

The company had even more puns for their social media announcement:

“If you like it you GOUDA put a ring on it! Our cheese Beyoncé, erm, Brie-once, will be at the E20 Cheese Carving Championships this Saturday!”

She woke up like Swiss! This colby the most ambitious Beyoncé tribute yet — it bleu the others right out of the water.

Appreciate Cheese Beyoncé here:

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