Tamar Braxton’s Apology To Tiny Leads To A Brutal Attack By Toya: The Ryan Report

Author: Ryan Cameron

Anyone who begins a post with “although I don’t feel like social media is the best place to work out personal issues” should know they should stop RIGHT THERE.

Do not complete the post. Do not hit “publish.”

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But alas, Tamar Braxton went right on and contradicted her own logic, seemingly convincing trying to convince herself as she typed that “sometimes it can be the most effective way to get your loved one’s attention” – and here we are.

What was posited as an apology to her friend since she was 19, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, still managed to attack Toya Wright; referring to the fellow reality show star/businesswoman/author as “Paperback Toya,” and a liar.

Then Braxton added: “Life is short, and I’m OK with ignoring
single, miserable, hateful friends who want to see you and I at odds and instigating feuds with you and your husband.”

“I love you to pieces,” Tiny replied. “You are forever family to me, time to kiss and make up.”

Then – deep breath – Toya took aim. And among the arrows thrown at Braxton (that can be repeated in this family-friendly Ryan Report) were “pathetic” and “disrespectful, disloyal, jealous attention fiend.”

“They’re gonna have to fight!” Ryan Cameron concluded.

(And/or, Wanda Smith reasoned, all be on another reality show).

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