From his "Hotline Bling" parody to his numerous 'SNL' appearances, it's difficult to choose just five.

By Abby Hassler

When Drake isn’t busy dropping critically acclaimed albums or racking up industry awards, he’s tapping into his comedic side from hilarious sketches on Saturday Night Live to NFL and NBA commercials.

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The rapper might have gotten his dramatic start on Degrassi: The Next Generation, but Drizzy was made for comedy, as seen in any of his videos and skits. Here are our top five Drake comedic performances.

“Drake’s Beef” on SNL
“I had like ten sips left, you just so d— mean/ Now I got no friends, I got no water/ and I lost my hat,” Drake hilariously raps in this iconic SNL sketch. The entire Drake-hosted episode last year was full of fantastic moments, but this skit was a standout. It deals with Drake being fed up with the SNL cast “disrespecting” him and spitting out diss rhymes as a result.

“Get Out and Celebrate” from NBA Awards 2017
Drake killed as the host for the inaugural NBA Awards Monday night (June 26). In one of his comedy skits, the rapper played Golden State Warriors Steph Curry in a funny homage to the horror film Get Out.

The clip lightly makes fun of the happy relationship Curry has with his wife Ayesha, played by Pitch’s Kylie Bunbury. In the video, Warriors Draymond Green, played by Get Out star Lil Rel, invites Drake out to party.

 “You know the rules,” Ayesha’s character tells Drake. “No phone calls after 10 am unless it’s God or Steve Harvey.” “Klay [Thompson]’s gonna be there,” Drake says. “That’s like having a chaperone!”

“Work Banter” on SNL
There is nothing quite like watching the rapper playing a desperate new Kinko’s employee who wants to get in on the staff’s inside jokes. From strange and ridiculous catchphrases to singing about cream in the coffee, this is a perfect chance for fans to catch Drake casting aside his normally smooth persona.

“Handshake Coaches” from NBA Awards 2017
Fans of both Drizzy and Will Ferrel will love this hilarious sketch about team handshakes. Drake and Ferrel play professional handshake coaches who teach a team a thing or two about their handshake game. You’ll probably want to watch it twice.

T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial 2016
“I told a lot of people I’m from Canada but… I lied.” Who could forget this parody of Drake’s hit track “Hotline Bling”? In the video, mobile carrier executives make suggests to change the rapper’s track, which turn out to be no more than fine-print legal contract jargon. “I love changes!” he responds with a cheesy smile.

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