Michael Vick’s Answer To Colin Kaepernick’s Problem: The Ryan Report

Author: Ryan Cameron

If anyone knows about being a quarterback in trouble with the NFL it’s Michael Vick – but that still doesn’t immediately qualify him as a sage.

Here’s what he had to say to FS1’s Jason Whitlock about why Colin Kaepernick has yet to generate interest by a team following a season of silently protesting what he saw as mistreatment of people of color in America by kneeling along the sideline when the national anthem was played.

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“First thing we’ve got to get Colin to do is cut his hair,” Vick said. “Listen. I’m not up here to try to be politically correct, but even if he puts corn rows in it I don’t think he should represent himself in that way.”

“Just go clean-cut. You know, why not?” added the onetime Atlanta Falcon, who pled guilty for his part in a dog fighting ring almost a decade ago, and spent 21 months in federal prison.

“Just try to be presentable.”

“Boy if you don’t stop!” Ryan Cameron shot back in today’s Ryan Report. “Michael Vick, you wore cornrows
as long as we’ve been knowing you. It has nothing to do with a hairstyle.”

“Right, I agree,” added Jarard J, in as Wanda Smith recovers from surgery.

“It has everything to do with [Kaepernick] kneeling on the sideline,” Ryan continued. “And you should be the last person saying something like that.”

“[It has] nothing to do with no haircut, no Afro, no braids, plaits, whaetver you wan to call it – this is a lesson being taught.”

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