Meet “Marlon,” destined to be a hit on NBC!

It stars Marlon Wayans – with whom we’ve loong been acquainted, from “Mr. Ugly Man” on the Wayans’ signature sketch show “In Living Color” to writing, producing and starring in several spoofs of well-known movies (“Scary Movie” “Fifty Shades of Black”). And who could forget he and brother Shawn as “White Chicks”?!

Fast forward to 2017, enter “Marlon,” a peak into the life of Marlon Wayne, a divorced father of two children who still has a healthy relationship with his ex-wife.

Every episode me and my daughter saw at an early screening begins with Marlon looking into a camera and video blogging. Each day, Marlon finds himself in some crazy situation, which gets worked out at his ex wife’s house.

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I know, you are probably saying, “OK, an ex-wife and ex-husband working things out? Hanging out together on a daily basis in a somewhat civil manner? Does that exist?!”

In “Marlon’s” world, it certainly does!

In an interview after the screening Wayans explained it was “important to show how a father can still be fully-involved in their kid’s lives” despite the situations that occur between the parents.

“Marlon’s” Marlon is not only involved but creates situations that only a Wayans could. For example, one episode deals with his TV daughter Marley’s (played by Notlim Taylor) first boy crush. Like any loving dad, Marlon is looking out for his baby girl. And you can only imagine the lengths he goes to to protect his daughter from the football player who was also hitting on Marlon’s ex-wife, Ashley (played by Essence Atkins)!

skye marlon1 Marlon Wayans As Marlon Wayne As Funny As Youd Expect

On camera Wayans is a gifted actor, but off camera the multi-talent is one down-to-earth guy who understands the importance of simply putting a smile on people’s faces. He is also a father of a teenage daughter and son in real life, so you can guarantee some of the Wayans’ situations are wrapped up in the Wayne’s somewhere.

One of the questions I was dying to ask Wayans was how many takes did they have to do to get through one of the hilarious episodes screened?

“I like two takes,” he shared. “We laugh after the take. Comedy is better when it’s spontaneous.”

So how much of what we see on “Marlon” is improv?  “A lot! We write a tight script and I am able to put me in the script anyway because I’m in the writer’s room.” (Wayans is also one of the executive producers for the sitcom).

“I know Breesha (Webb who plays Yvette) likes to play,” Wayans continued. “I know Diallo (Riddle, who plays Steve) is a writer. I know Essence – I’ve worked with her and she knows how to work with me. And the kids, when they’re on set, I’m always teaching them.”

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You can clearly feel the chemistry when you watch the Wayne family on the small screen.

Finally, I asked Marlon what would his ultimate dream project be and who would he want to work with? He told me that he wanted to do a “buddy action comedy” that he is already starting to write. “I would love to work with Eddie Murphy in a reverse ’48 Hours,’ where I’m the crook and he’s the cop”.

And yes, he would “LOVE to” do a “White Chicks 2.” (Could you imagine that? If you haven’t seen “White Chicks,” please put that on your must-see list for the weekend!)

“I would also like to do a great drama with Denzel [Washington] directing, that would be awesome,” Wayans said, adding that he was a “late bloomer” in comparison to his famous entertainment siblings, with his “best years ahead of [him].” This upcoming NBC sitcom included.

The season premiere of “Marlon” airs August 16.

skye Marlon Wayans As Marlon Wayne As Funny As Youd Expect

Credit: Courtesy of Briana Crudup


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