By Big Tigger

Dr. Mehmet Oz touched down in the 29th least healthy state of the 50 sounding like the trailer of a horror film – where diabetes is not “just a little sugar,” it’s “like broken pieces of glass scraping the delicate Teflon-like lining of the arteries.

“If you’ve got high blood pressure,” he said, “it’s like bursting fire hydrants blasting through
holes that can cause you problems down the road including stroke and heart attacks.”

But before you fast forward through this harsh health reality, there was a happy ending to this interview on The Big Tigger Show in Atlanta; and it had as much to do with the Sharecare platform he was visiting to promote as it did the popular television doctor’s take on a widely-discussed documentary.

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“So, this ‘What The Health’ movie,” Tigger began.

“Isn’t that incredible?” Oz interjected.

“Driving the world crazy,” Tigger continued. “Everyone’s vegan now! Is that the thing to do?”

“Let me be real clear about this,” replied Oz. “This documentary is laying out why we have to pay attention to our health.”

“I’m just gonna point out as a doctor what the real issue here is: We don’t realize food can fix it. When you walk into a grocery store you are walking into a pharmacy, my friends. And the power of those foods to reverse chronic illnesses that probably drive 60, 70 percent of all the healthcare money we spend in America – only you control that.”

Then came this movie poster material: “We know that eating vegan helps you with your blood sugar…We know that it helps you lose weight. We know know you’ll live longer. But now that you know all of that are you gonna try it or not?!”

– Sonia Murray, CBS Local


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