Drug-Dealing Music Vs. Drug-User Music: The Ryan Report

Author: Ryan Cameron

Hip-hop has gotten old enough to have intergenerational arguments, and leave it to the ever-articulate Clifford “T.I.” (or is this one, Tip?) Harris to lend credence to each side’s point of view, in the latest one.

Jarard J explains: “So you know who Mad Skillz is? He does the wrap-ups every year – very creative dude. Well, he said something about the new generation of rap. He said: ‘The generation gap of the music is actually really simple – we were in an era making drug dealer music. These kids are making drug user music.”

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Well, 21 Savage responded, saying “Why do so many of these OG rappers judge the new generation? They say we make drug user music like making drug selling music is better. What’s the difference? What about the fact that rap is the number one genre of music right now? Ain’t none of y’all acknowledging that.”

Then T.I. jumped in the back and forth on social media, and lauded both of their assertions: “Lil bro speaking real truth [though]. The fact of the matter is… There’s been good, bad, great, mediocre artists & otherwise in EVERY generation …. Even ours (2000s), the founding era (80s) & the golden era of the ’90s.”

“Regardless of the subject matter…This is THEY TIME. Couldn’t nobody tell us how to run ours, or make us sound how they thought we should… Live ya life & do ya stuff young’n.”

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