Eva Marcille’s Ex: ‘You’re Dead To Me’ – Trending Topics

Author: Big Tigger

At what should be a great time for Eva Marcille – expecting a child with onetime mayoral candidate Michael Sterling, and appearing on reality show hit “Real Housewives of Atlanta” – then comes THIS.

In what seems to be a response/reaction to images of Sterling with Marcille’s daughter, the little one’s father – R&B singer Kevin McCall – has posted some blistering comments directed at Sterling and Marcille and some are saying, seems to have disowned the three-year-old.

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“Stop letting her make you ‘do politically incorrect stuff.’ ” “Stop doing unhonorable [expletive], bro; you’re not built like this.” “Sit back like the little [expletive] you are.”

Then after taking another verbal swing at “society’s joke of a child care program,” these words for McCall’s onetime girlfriend: “You’re dead to me.”

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