Xscape’s New Manager, Tamar Braxton’s Estranged Husband? The Ryan Report

Author: Ryan Cameron

By the time The Great Xscape Tour hits Atlanta New Year’s Eve, it might seem like the 4th of July – meaning, potential fireworks.

After all, according to Hip Hollywood, the headliners have just hired the estranged husband of one of their opening acts to manage the reunited quartet. “We love what he did with Tamar [Braxton] and Lady Gaga,” Xscape’s Tameka “Tiny” Harris reportedly said of Vincent Herbert. “And we also knew he understood the business.”

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“How do you hire somebody who has beef, and [has allegedly committed] domestic violence against somebody who’s on your tour?!” Ryan Cameron asked aloud in today’s Ryan Report.

Not to mention Braxton is publicly SEETHING on said tour: “What I also do not have time for is me being with somebody who don’t appreciate me,” the R&B singer said from the stage. “I ain’t fixing to waste my time with somebody who think my time is not valuable!”

Adds Ryan: “But now that person you’re talking about is in the back?!”

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