‘R. Kelly Has The Worst Neighbors Ever’: The Ryan Report

Author: Ryan Cameron

This time, the trouble reportedly at R. Kelly‘s house doesn’t involve women allegedly being held against their w

Here’s how Ryan Cameron set up what’s happened: “If somebody were to come to your house and pull up a truck for
several days? Several weeks? Don’t you think somebody would say, ‘Eh man…’?”

“R. Kelly has the worst neighbors ever!”

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According to Channel 2, the R&B superstar’s rented Johns Creek home was “totally cleaned out last month,” Ryan said in today’s Ryan Report. “Couches. Table. His diamond-encrusted hoodie.

“And when they checked the other [Atlanta area] house everything [was] missing too,” Ryan continued. “The neighbor said trucks would just show up in the middle of the night.

Speaking of showing up…

Authorities have identified Alfonso Walker – a handyman and associate of Kelly’s – in the case of burglary and theft by deception. “He was supposed to turn himself in yesterday,” Ryan said. “Guess what? He didn’t do it.”

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