‘Shameful’ Or Sweet? See What Chris Brown Has Done NOW: The Ryan Report

Author: Ryan Cameron

Chris Brown has gotten his three-year-old daughter what many a little girl and boy has wanted – but adults generally should know better than to buy.

And when the R&B superstar posted a video of Royalty with a little monkey in diapers, “of course the comments flooded [in]” from some of his 21 million-plus Instagram followers, Ryan Cameron said in today’s Ryan Report.

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“Wild animals are not your pets!
“Let that baby be in the wild where it belongs!
“You ripped that baby from its mother for your own pleasure and entertainment! Buy her a stuffed animal, instead.”

“OK, she’s too small to have a monkey, ” Wanda Smith chimed in. “Granted, every kid wanted a monkey growing up.”

“I did!” Jarard J affirmed. “Until I found out how strong they were.”

“It’s all fun until they pull your face off,” added Ryan. “AND they throw their poop!”

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