Another Reason To Root For Tiffany Haddish: The Ryan Report

Author: Ryan Cameron

Tiffany Haddish had us at “Girls Trip.”

But as the comedic star of her summer breakthrough hit reveals even more about herself in her new memoir (“The Last Black Unicorn”), you learn that she may have mastered the art of laughter to heal her miseries.

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As Ryan Cameron shared in today’s Ryan Report, the first black female comedian to host “Saturday Night Live” grew up in foster care, and according to her book, married the same abusive man TWICE. In “The Last Black Unicorn” she recalls one night when he “slammed her into a wall” for speaking to a male comedian.

“She said the violence was so bad that she suffered a miscarriage after one of his attacks,” Ryan said. “And [she] didn’t even know she was pregnant.”

“ANOTHER reason why you want to root for her so much!” Jarard J added.

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