Dwyane Wade Does An Oprah Winfrey: The Ryan Report

Author: Ryan Cameron

Dwyane Wade definitely qualifies as a man who appears to have everything – a trio of NBA championship rings for his hand, an Olympic gold medal around his neck and a cover model/actress on his arm –  and yet. he’s revealed there’s still one thing he can not get enough of…

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Drumroll please. Number three on his list of favorite things: “a cushy robe.” Number two – Moscot smart glasses. (“They can make your outfit!”) And holding the number one position for No. 9 on the Cleveland Cavaliers: UGGs.

“Boots, slippers, hats, gloves, PJs and all things in between,” he told renowned New York tabloid Page Six. They are so comfortable and warm. You want to go everywhere with them, like a best friend.”

Still,  Ryan Cameron may have offered the best tagline yet for the attire in today’s Ryan Report: “A person hates UGGS until somebody gives them a pair.”

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