‘This Is What Thots and Side-Pieces Do Nowadays!’: The Ryan Report

Author: Ryan Cameron

OK, what part of this Michael Vick story is most unsettling: One, that the husband and father is supposedly cheating.

Two, that the woman the onetime Atlanta Falcon is allegedly being unfaithful with has posted a video?

And/or three – that the aforementioned woman “[sounds] like a lady-dude to me,” Wanda Smith declares!

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Whatever your pick, Vick may have some explaining to do as this Ryan Report surfaces of a woman not only claiming to be with him but comfortable enough to announce on the video she allegedly posted if the FOX NFL Kickoff broadcaster “got my lobsters and stuff?”

“That’s what he gets!” Wanda continues. “Good. Good! You want to cheat? This is what thots and side-pieces do nowadays – they tell on your butt!

“So good! Way to go!”

“TOUCHDOWN, you mother…”

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