Stockbridge Officials Say Splitting The City Would Be "Devastating"

January 25, 2018
"Keep Stockbridge Together" is the title of a quarterly town hall meeting tonight in McDonough. It's being hosted by Stockbridge Councilman Elton Alexander at Eagles Landing First Baptist Church, 2400 Highway 42 North. Among the proposed topics is the effort to create the City of Eagles Landing, which Alexander, and the entire city council and new mayor, all say they are opposed to. And while the local elected officials are all African American, officials with the proposed change reportedly say it has nothing to do with race.
Stockbridge City Manager Randy Knighton says he is against the effort that some are calling a "raid" on the city. (Credit: Maria Boynton/Entercom Atlanta)

City Manager Randy Knighton says there's a potential for some very serious implications, not only for the City of Stockbridge, but for other cities throughout the state. So, how would this be different than the ten prior cases of creating new cities in Georgia? Knighton says the previous efforts were created in unincorporated areas, but the Eagles Landing plan, would take a portion of an existing city to create a city. The new City of Eagle's Landing is being proposed by a group called the Eagles Landing Educational Research Committee. It was formed a year ago. According to the official statement on its website, the Committee says they are "creating a city to live, work, shop, and play."