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Frank Ski has hosted the top-rated radio program ‘The Frank Ski Show’ since 1985. With record breaking Arbitron Ratings at V103 & 92Q in Baltimore, Atlanta’s V-103 and WHUR Washington. Frank Ski is the person who brings listeners, sponsors and respect to every radio station based solely on his inviting and engaging voice. Time and time again he has been called “The Rainmaker of Urban Radio.” Frank Ski is skilled at connecting with his audience and increasing ratings – a bankable commodity since 1985. A noted pioneer of hip-hop music in the early years, Ski has remained a major influence and contributor to the music industry as a DJ and producer. This phenomenal philanthropist, motivational speaker, journalist, disc jockey, producer and devoted father has managed to captivate audiences in Baltimore, DC and Atlanta for years.

‘The Frank Ski Show’ is an up-tempo lifestyle program designed to entertain, inspire and inform every day. With a distinctive style and sense of humor, Ski balances music with celebrity guests and discussions of culture, local and national headlines and topical subject matter that means the most to the African American community. Once he turns off the board at the end of his show, his passion for connecting with the audience continues dozens of times a month out in the community.

Ski’s roster of celebrity interviews covers a wide range of actors, athletes, musicians and elected officials, from Stevie Wonder, Michael Jordan, Jay-Z, T.I. and Young Jeezy to former U.S. President Bill Clinton and current President Barack Obama, just to name a few. Frank Ski has also been called “The Pied Piper” of Club DJ’s. Playing to Sold Out venues both locally and around the world.

Perhaps less central, but equally as notable, is Frank Ski’s name in the Music Industry. Frank Ski released his mega hit, “Doo Doo Brown” in 1992. Currently
Frank Ski is riding the success of his latest song “The Wobble.” When not on-air or in front of the camera, philanthropy is Frank Ski’s passion. Ski’s most notable philanthropic venture is the Frank Ski Kids Foundation.

While philanthropy is his life’s passion, Frank takes time to enjoy some healthy indulgences as well. His personal interests include Scuba Diving, Deep Sea
Fishing, International Travel and Wine Collecting.

Church a Deal Breaker? Frank Ski’s Question of the Day

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Listen, I understand how the World Trade Center Towers collapsed. JET FUEL BURNS HOT! What burned that hot under that bridge?


Frank Ski’s Question Of The Day: Is It Possible To Be In Love With Two People At The Same Time?

Find yourself in this situation RIGHT NOW? We need your opinion


Frank Ski’s Question Of The Day: Is She Asking Too Much Of Him?

And how would YOU resolve this?


Frank Ski’s Question Of The Day: Did He Make The Biggest Mistake In Relationships?

Or does he get a pass because he doesn’t know what he did?


Frank Ski’s Question Of The Day: Do You Deserve A Valentine’s Day Gift?

Or could the lump of coal equivalent be headed your way?!


Frank Ski’s Question Of The Day: Should Your Current Still Be In Touch With Their Ex?

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