Jarard J

Jarard J – living “radio life” to the fullest since 2001 – is riding you around Atlanta every weekend afternoon, from 2-6 p.m. on Saturdays and 3 to 6 p.m. Sundays!

Jarard is an automobile enthusiast who breathes with an intense passion for radio, and the desire for music and all of its effects in the human soul. If he is not behind the mic, you will find the “lil drummer boy” sitting behind a drum kit, advancing his skills as a life-long percussionist, or getting in his weekly dose of “Transformers” on a DVD player somewhere.

Jarard is un-married, and has no children. He attended Arizona State University where he studied meteorology, and played tailback on the 1996 conference championship football team, which appeared in the 1997 Rose Bowl.

What May Have Driven Jennifer Hudson To Leave David Otunga: The Ryan Report

“This whole thing between David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson is getting uglier and uglier.”


The Kevin Hart Tape, Critiqued: The Ryan Report

Jarard J watched it so you wouldn’t have to. (IF you could find it now).


‘Blac Chyna Lied About The Entire Situation’: The Ryan Report

What were they going to be called – The Pole Series? Pole Dunks? Air Pole? (Oh wait Jarard J, that’s Nike!)


Kanye West’s Latest Quarter-Million Dollar Problem: The Ryan Report

And this problem hits especially close to home.


T.I. Ends That Whole Tiny/Floyd Mayweather Discussion – Kind Of: The Ryan Report

“I hate when people assume [expletive] [because] of something they see on social media.”


[VIDEO] How I’ll Celebrate Valentine’s Day, By Jordin Sparks

“So, I went through a break-up last year,” begins Jordin Sparks – as if anyone who was tuned into V-103 Thursday afternoon to hear the vocalist/actress didn’t know about her rather public split with pop/dance pin-up Jason Derulo. Anyway, as it turns out, she was recording her upcoming third CD before and after that happened. […]


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