See President Barack Obama's Playlist, In Person: The Ryan ReportSidebar: Is this especially notable because of who we DON'T see?
The Obamas 'A Great And Lasting Source Of Pride For All Of Us': Trending TopicsAs told by Big Tigger with his 'I'm gonna miss our President Obama," face.
The Obamas Get Down to 'Thriller' for HalloweenDuring a White House Halloween celebration, the Obamas busted a few moves onstage that resembled the dance from Michael Jackson's "Thriller."
President Barack Obama's Favorite Rappers Are...Trending Topics"Those guys are doing just amazing work."
Obama's Summer Listening Includes Jay Z, Prince, Chance the Rapper, Courtney BarnettObama had divided his top tracks into two categories, daytime and nighttime, and both are available to stream.
The Star-Studded Guest List For The President's 55th Birthday: Trending TopicsOh wait - this is all supposed to be TOP SECRET, First Lady? Our apologies.
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: President Obama Puts Shirtless Cavaliers On Notice"You can't be just walking around without a a whole week!"
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: What's Being Said And Done After "An Act Of Terror And An Act Of Hate"Big Tigger: "I hope we can all grow and heal from this situation."
Ryan Cameron's Somebody's Gotta Say Something: Gender Neutral Bathroom BillWith no consultation from either the legislative or judicial branches, Barack Obama told all of the schools in America that they needed to allow students to pick their own gender and use whichever bathrooms, locker rooms and showers they feel best suits them. Failing to do so would be met with cutting off their federal education funding regardless of need or scholastic performance. Needless to say, plenty of school districts were less than thrilled. One school system in Texas immediately informed the White House.
President Obama Commutes Sentences for 2 Georgia MenPresident Barack Obama is commuting the sentences of 61 prisoners who have been serving time for drug-relate sentences. Of the 61 prisoners, two are Georgia men.
SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 2016 PREVIEW: Prominent Film Festival Gives The Obamas' First Date, Miles Davis, Nat Turner + More A Platform To Shine
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Now You Can Run Along In "Ride Along 2" Star Kevin Hart's NikesNo word on whether Kevin Hart got one of those lifetime LeBron James deals, but knowing Kanye West he'll probably rap all of the details.

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