Frank Ski's Canned Rosé for the Summer with Tower Beer, Wine & SpiritsRemember back in the day when BYOB meant you or your girl couldn’t enjoy a great tasting wine at a concert or a festival?  Those days are DONE!  Here are two incredible sparkling wines that come in a can that are perfect for date night!
Frank Ski's Rum & Cola with Tower Beer, Wine & SpiritsIf you’ve seen me DJ in a club, you’ve seen me drinking a rum & cola!  I love it!  Mixed drinks like these aren’t the easiest to put together when you’re on the go like at a tailgate or the golf course, but this Rum & Cola in a can from Cutwater Spirits is perfect!
Frank Ski's Beermosa Cocktail with Tower Beer, Wine & SpiritsIf you can't have a mimosa, would you even go to brunch?  Hey it’s Frank Ski and I’ve got a great twist on a classic summer drink that you’re going to love!  Surprise your friends and family with a beermosa cocktail next weekend!
Frank Ski's Spicy Bloody Mary with Tower Beer, Wine & SpiritsBloody Marys are definitely the ultimate brunch cocktail! There’s nothing like that spicy, savory kick on a weekend morning to get you back on your feet. Sure, you can waste half of your day running around to get all the ingredients necessary to make your own mix, or you can pick up a delicious Bloody Mary…in a can! Ingredients: Cutwater Spirits Spicy Bloody Mary made with Fugu Vodka Method: Pour it in a glass or drink it straight out of the can! No one will judge you! Garnish: Lemon wedge, stuffed olive, lime wedge, celery stalk Glass: Champagne trumpet or a mason jar or anything else in between Grab these ingredients from your friends at Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits! Find your nearest location here:
Frank Ski's Water-Meli Cocktail with Tower Beer, Wine & SpiritsAre you the king or queen of the BBQ?  Serve up a round (or two!) of my Water-Meli cocktails and the whole neighborhood will be talking about your bartending skills.  Cool, refreshing watermelon, a nice splash of citrus and a topper of ginger beer really take this classic vodka sour to the next level!  Make this one for your next day party!
Frank Ski's Rosé Picks for the Summer with Tower Beer, Wine & SpiritsOkay, we've all been there! Getting ready to head to the pool or to a festival, you grab the cooler, the ice, the bottles of rosé....wait, you can't bring glass to so many places where a cold glass of wine would be PERFECT. My friends at Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits will have you ready to enjoy your favorite summer wines wherever you go! First up, we have the Underwood Rosé from Oregon. This one is really great! Plenty of bubbles and notes of strawberry, fruit cocktail and tart cherry are sure to please! Then, give an Alloy Rosé from California a shot. This one has notes of watermelon and peach that will be perfect for your next picnic or tailgate. Grab these delicious rosés from your friends at Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits! Find your nearest location here:

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