SITUATIONS WITH WANDA SMITH: When Go Fund Me Goes WrongToday's Situation is one that was ripped from local headlines. Anthony Gooden and his partner who were severely burned by Anthony’s mother’s boyfriend after being found in bed together. Anthony joins the show live along with Attorney Jack Fishman to discuss Anthony’s situation with his cousin who was slated to join the show live but canceled last minute after speaking with her lawyer.
BOC Yes Vote On Braves
To Be Or Not To Be: Falcons' Stadium Saga Continues
Lauryn Hill Ordered To Pay $504,000 In Back Taxes In Two Weeks
IRS Is Accepting 2012 Tax Returns
Lauryn Hill Pleads Guilty
R. Kelly Sings Tax Blues, Owes IRS $4.8 Million
Lauryn Hill Responds To Tax Charges: "There Were No Exotic Trips, No Fleet Of Cars"
Lauryn Hill Owes $1.8 Million To Uncle Sam, Faces Possible Jail Time
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Pilar Accuses Deion Sanders Of Offering Her Money For Sexual Favors
Wanda Smith: "You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!"
Oh Well He Tried...........BUT IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK!!!!!!!

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