Make Time To Be In The Right Mind: YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK YOU AREAs we make time to be in the right mind God has given us dominion over all things. We can choose what to think. Thoughts held in the mind tend to produce like results. If we think failure thoughts, we get failure results. If we think loneliness and limitation, our experience will reflect those conditions. We are divine spiritual beings made in the image and likeness of God. We have the God-given ability to create our world and our experience by the thoughts we think.
Make Time To Be In The Right Mind: I SURRENDER TO DIVINE INTELLIGENCEAs we make time to be in the right mind The more understanding we gain about life, the more we understand that there is more to life than we consciously recognize. Just when we think we understand, life presents an opportunity to grow and expand. We surrender to the truth that we do not see the full picture. With faith, we trust that Divine Intelligence is fully aware of the unfolding of all that concerns us.
[VIDEO] The Greg Street Classic Song Of The Day: Puff Daddy Feat. B.I.G "Victory"
Make Time To Be In The Right Mind: LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLESTAs we make time to be in the right mind living life to the fullest is about the quality of our lives, rather than the quantity. Scan your relationships. Are they honoring the truth of who you are? Could you show up more in how you interact with your loved ones?
Victory Thought: Giving Up Is The Easy Way Out!
[VIDEO] Egypt's Victory Thought - Courtesy Of Mary Mary: "Go Get Your Blessing"
Victory Thought: Don't Give Permanent Energy To Temporary Things
R Kelly Performs The Official Anthem For World Cup "Sign Of A Victory"
Dj Khaled On The Road To Victory Gets "Nike Copper Penny's"

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