Xscape 'Kickin It' Without Kandi (Again): Trending Topics

November 13, 2017
As the radio personality who first brought the original members of Xscape together publicly - after almost two decades apart - Big Tigger just feels especially compelled to share all of the latest Kandi, Tiny, Tocha and Tamika news; good or bad. This qualifies as both. Related: Watch How Xscape Reunites On The Big Tigger Show First, according to TMZ, an Xscape biopic is on the way that entertainment force Mona Scott Young will produce and Bravo will air; (after all it IS the current home of the million-selling group's reality show "Still Kickin It"). But again, that's on TV. In real life, "apparently Xscape is recording new music without Kandi," Big Tigger reported in today's Trending Topics. On Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live," Kandi (kind of) explained that "I'm gonna do Broadway and some other things, and they're gonna be working on music." Related: Xscape Day At Atlanta City Hall - PHOTO GALLERY No clear explanation given. But of course, Tigger has one: "It's hard being in a group, as kids. "It's DAMN SURE hard being in a group as grown [expletive] women." And with that, he added, "I don't know how you make Xscape music without Kandi. I just don't understand."