'Alarming' Allegations Against Russell Simmons: Trending Topics

November 20, 2017
What seems to be now daily accusations of sexual misconduct of men in power in politics, the media and Hollywood has now surfaced in hip-hop. Sixty-year-old Russell Simmons - widely regarded as the godfather of the genre, having co-founded the iconic Def Jam Records - has been accused of teaming up with filmmaker (and onetime Def Jam video producer) Brett Ratner to assault a 17-year-old model back in 1991. Related: Russell Simmons' Letter to Donald Trump According to reports, Big Tigger said, Simmons "tore off her clothes" at his New York City apartment. And when she looked to Ratner for help, she said, "in that moment the realization fell on me that they were in it together." From there, the allegation goes, Simmons "coerced her to perform oral sex." And when the accuser took a shower afterwards, he "briefly penetrated her without her consent." Simmons "completely and unequivocally denies the allegations." Rattner's attorney claims he doesn't recall the young woman asking for assistance. "The clarity in all of this," Tigger concluded, "is there's something that absolutely happened; and absolutely Brett Ratner was there."