Murder Mase Resurfaces, Exchanges Fire With Cam'ron: Trending Topics

November 27, 2017
No neither your eyes nor your ears are deceiving you - as Big Tigger put it in today's Trending Topics, some "hip-hop beef" surfaced over the holiday weekend between Mase and Cam'ron. And no, it is not 1998. Related: Drug-Dealing Music Vs. Drug-User Music (a.k.a. "OGs" vs. 21 Savage) What first got everyone's attention was the onetime Bad Boy superstar's release of "The Oracle." The supposed response to a line from Cam'ron's "It's Killa" included the verse: "Tax know you as the [expletive] that snitch on the Roc/D.C. [expletive] know you as just a [expletive] they shot/OG [expletive] don’t have no history with you on the block/And everybody seen the footage I got." Less than 48 hours later Cam'ron swung back with "Dinner Time": "I'll take it to the beginning/When Corey Wright japped you, Baby Maine yapped you/Roc over here slapped you, you still gave him dap too."  But by the time this aired Mase was sounding more like Paster Mason Betha again in an Instagram post he sent to his onetime "Horse & Carriage" collaborator. "Cam kind of took the high road," noted Tigger (Cam'ron's twin, to some). He replied: "Yeah this was fun; you still my bro, too."