'The Tyrese Saga Continues': Trending Topics

November 28, 2017
Actor-singer-rapper Tyrese has been starring in his wildest drama ever - on social media; but now it seems like he may finally be rolling the credits on his very public unraveling. OK. Deep breath. In YET ANOTHER post on Instagram, first, he's saying he never said his wife was pregnant. (Never mind that video of him saying exactly that, in an earlier Trending Topics from Big Tigger). Related: About That $5 Million Will And Jada Pinkett Smith Gave Tyrese... Next, he concedes he "did some really stupid things publicly and privately that will take me a while to recover from." (No argument here). "I owe no one any money on any level," he continued. "Those meds me jump out there and speak on monies that never came in" [supposedly from Will and Jada Pinkett Smith]. And finally, Tyrese, claims "this is my last post about the past. Let's move on, shall we?" Gladly.