'Tyrese Says, Basically, He Committed Marriage Fraud' : Trending Topics

December 5, 2017
In today's episode of Tyrese's very public unraveling, the singer-actor has gone from taking verbal swings at fellow "Fast & Furious" co-star The Rock, to sharing a very teary, emotional moment about his daughter, to now basically telling the world he only married that same daughter's mother because she was from London. Related: "The Tyrese Saga Continues..." "We had an angel," he said in a recent interview, "but I married you to keep you in the country. I never married you because we were happily married." "Now you're running around painting this picture like we was all TOGETHER," continued Tyrese, referring to the recent, very nasty child custody battle with his first wife "We got married and there was like seven people there." Adding: "If it was a real marriage it would have been a large wedding." To which Big Tigger could only add, "Well damn, Tyrese."