2Pac Nude For Four Figures: Trending Topics

December 6, 2017
What reportedly started out as a way for a hip-hop legend to shock his friends may now be a way for one of the late Tupac Shakur's former girlfriends to fill her purse. As Big Tigger reported in today's Trending Topics, one of his exes is selling pictures taken at a 1990 house party where he dropped his pants. (Probably Karl Kani or Cross Colours pants, right - being the '90s?) Related: Jada Pinkett Smith: "My Relationship With Pac Would Have Shown People...What He Truly Was" But we digress. "The story behind the picture's kind of crazy," Tigger continued. " 2Pac found it funny, apparently, tried to shock his friends by whipping it out." Starting bid for said images? $7500. (But if they don't go for that price, she's willing to sell them to the highest bidder).