GA Dome Implosion Part 2 Wednesday

December 19, 2017
One month to the day, and it'll be the implosion of the Georgia Dome part 2. When the Dome was initially imploded on November 20, 2017, all but two pieces fell when the charges were ignited. The remaining pieces are scheduled to be brought down at 1 O'clock Wednesday morning.
The remaining walls from the Georgia Dome will be demolished early Wednesday morning. (Photo by Rick Fisher)

MARTA, once again, is shutting down service in the area. Like before, plenty of dust is anticipated, and MARTA officials say they want to protect the Dome/GWCC/Philips Arena/CNN Center station. Service will be shut down at the station. The west line service between Five Points and Vine City will be suspended from 11:30 tonight until 2 O'clock Wednesday morning. Buses will be provided.