GA Dome....All Gone

December 21, 2017
The Georgia Dome is no more. It took two implosions before the edifice was brought down for good. The first try on November 20, 2017, left 2 walls standing. They were brought down a month later, early Wednesday morning, December 20th.
Cloth curtains cloaked the GA Dome on the eve of the first implosion on November 20, 2017. (Photo by Maria Boynton)

The Dome had been a part of the Atlanta skyline for 25 years. It was the home of the Atlanta Falcons, and has been replaced by Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
All that remains of the GA Dome is rubble after 2 implosions, one month apart. (Photo by Maria Boynton)

Once all the rubble is removed, the area is expected to be developed to include a 1010-room hotel, and the Home Depot Backyard. All the debris is expected to be cleared by February 2018.