Nas + Nicki + Baby Make Three? Trending Topics

January 3, 2018
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to today's Trending Topics Edition of Which Nicki Minaj Story To Believe. First there's the growing "rumor and innuendo" (as Big Tigger qualified it) that she is pregnant with hip-hop legend Nas's baby. "Apparently an insider told told a gossip [site] that Nicki found out she was pregnant during Thanksgiving." Related: Nicki Minaj Addresses ‘White Rappers’ Instagram Post Thing is, Minaj told Ellen DeGeneres back in May that she was going to be celibate for an entire year, he continued. But then there's this: Also circulating the rumor mill is talk that Nas's ex-wife Kelis "is supposedly jealous about the new baby; even though their divorce was finalized. And that's why this custody thing [involving their son] is even an issue."