Tigger Makes A Ginuwine Point About (Supposedly) Being Transphobic: Trending Topics

January 9, 2018
We won't even get into WHY early 2000s R&B pin-up Ginuwine is on "Celebrity Big Brother UK," today's Trending Topics is about the "controversy of sorts" (as Big Tigger put it) he's embroiled in for refusing to kiss a trans woman on the show. Those who are upset on social media say the artist born Elgin Lumpkin was "transphobic and bigoted" for not being a willing participant. There are some that say what happened in front of the cameras fell under the realm of sexual harassment. While Tigger clearly falls on the side of those who believe Ginuwine has a choice to date whomever he wants. "You don't have to kiss anybody you don't want to kiss!" (And here you were thinking you had to wait until Saturday morning to get one of those Words To Live By-like messages. You're welcome).