The Wrong Way To Get Rick Ross's Attention: Trending Topics

January 12, 2018
Here's a fun exercise, boys and girls - help us determine which one is more stupid: A) Committing a crime. B) Committing that crime at a business - not for money, or for the business's goods - but just to get the owner's attention. Or C) ACTUALLY TELLING SOMEONE the latter! Related: Rick Roes Doesn't Suffer Criminal Activities On His Property Well Apparently that's what happened in Memphis, Big Tigger reported in today's Law & Order Edition of Trending Topics. Someone robbed the six-year-old Wing Stop there in hopes of being noticed by multiple franchise owner/hip-hop artist and executive Rick Ross. "That's a RIDICULOUS way to get somebody's attention," a customer of the buffalo wing restaurant told a local television station. (Ding! Ding! She wins.)