First Mary J. Blige's Ex, Now Jill Scott's...Trending Topics

January 23, 2018
The face Big Tigger makes at the end of today's Trending Topics (click above) pretty much says it all - but alas the expression merits an explanation. Back in November Tigger relayed the sad news that R&B power Jill Scott was divorcing her husband of one year. Now, "Mike Dobson is calling foul play on the prenup that he signed [three weeks before the wedding]," Tigger reported. Related: Mary J. Blige's Ex Needs Three More Zeroes On That Monthly Check "He said he didn't have a lawyer and felt coerced, but did so because he loved Jill." Fast forward to her "surprise" 2017 divorce complaint; and Dobson is figuring that agreeing to the aforementioned contract under duress, doing so without an attrorney present plus Scott violating a confidentiality clause in said agreement by speaking to the media about their split adds up to half of her marital assets and another half million for pain and suffering.