What Nelly Had That "Women Were Drawn To And Could Not Resist" - According To This Accuser: Trending Topics

January 24, 2018
In today's WTH Edition of Trending Topics, the woman who accused Nelly of rape - and then dropped the charges - is now asking for an injunction against the hip-hip superstar AND his, shall we say, little star. (The star of those Sean John underwear ads he was in, if you're still not getting it...) OK. So, according to TMZ his accuser has filed documents that Nelly's whole M.O. (Big Tigger's words, not a flip reference to his St. Louis roots or Twitter handle) is to sexually assault women. Related: Nelly Sued For Sexual Assault "She says he seeks out beautiful women of color at his concerts - typically with beautiful faces and curvy figures," Tigger recounted. "She says members of his entourage will invite the women and friends backstage." Now HERE'S where things move beyond, "WELL DUH!" "She says Nelly's particularly attracted to women who were resisting. She says at some point Nelly will begin masturbating in front of the women with the expectation that presenting himself would entitle him to sexual gratification; and that the women were drawn to and could not resist him and his [genitals]." Finally, "she says if a women resists then he sexually accosts and/or assaults her."