Mo'Nique's Latest Target - And How Gary Owen Fired Back: Trending Topics

February 6, 2018

These days, when Mo'Nique begins with one of her signature "Hey My Loves," it's a safe bet that something NOT loving follows.

The latest example: The Oscar-winning actress/comedian has released a thread of email exchanges between her husband/manager Sidney Hicks and Atlanta Hollywood power broker Will Packer; illustrating what she says is the "the behind-the-scenes of how a producer tried to intimidate, bully and ruin someone's character."

But quickly coming to that producer's defense? A co-star of Packer's "Think Like A Man" and "Ride Along" films - Gary Owen.

"Man, Mo'Nique don't stop. She blames everybody."

"Will Packer's done more for black actors and actresses than just about anybody in the last 10 years. I mean he is basically showing Hollywood that black movies have a mainstream market."

"He put YOU in the movie 'Almost Christmas' when nobody was putting you in movies," Owen continues.

"And he stuck his neck out; and he went to bat for you. And now you're throwing him under the bus?!"

As a friend to Mo'Nique, Packer AND Owen, Big Tigger couldn't help but weigh in, personally, on today's Trending Topics: "I wish that this didn't have to play out so publicly, let's start there."

"We're already in a situation where African-Americans don't get the same kind of opportunities or revenue - which you're fighting for; but you seek to demean a brother who is absolutely reversing that trend in Hollywood?"