Coca Cola Renew: Frank Ski Talks With Water Sustainability Program Director Jon Radtke

November 19, 2019
jon radtke



What’s The Coca-Cola Company doing to save the planet? Quite a lot.

Jon Radtke, the company’s Water Sustainability Program Director, sat down with V103 host Frank Ski to talk about the company’s efforts to positively impact local communities and foster a World Without Waste.

World Without Waste is the company’s ambitious initiative designed to address the global problem of plastic waste.

“The world has a plastic waste problem,” Radtke says. “Too much of it is ending up in the wrong place, out in the environment, and out in the oceans.”

“So we know that a lot of that waste comes from The Coca-Cola Company and comes from our packages,” Radtke continues. “We’ve developed some programs to try to mitigate that. We’ve set goals around it. Our biggest goal is to collect and recycle the equivalent of 100% of the packages that we put out. So for every package we put in the market, we want to get it back and recycle it.”

But how can Atlanta residents join The Coca-Cola Company in tackling the problem of plastic waste. Radtke breaks it down.

“First of all, recycle,” he says. “View the packages as a useful commodity. Don’t throw it away, put it in the recycle container. And for goodness sakes, don’t throw it on the ground and put it back in the environment.”

This article is sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company. To learn about all the ways The Coca-Cola Company is making a local impact in Atlanta, visit Coca-Cola Renew.