Julio Jones Reports to Camp

Holdout OVER

July 24, 2018

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro - USA TODAY Sports


It’s a shocker to many but an assumption that’s now reality for others – Falcons star wide receiver Julio Jones WILL NOT report to camp Thursday.

Well, things have changed. Less than 24 hours before players reported to camp, GM Thomas Dimitroff announced Jones will show.

The #whereisjulio movement is OVER!

Wide receiver Julio Jones ended up joining all of his teammates Thursday after the team adjusted his contract.  

The adjustment increases Jones' salary by at least $2 million, and Dimitroff said the Falcons plan to revisit the contract in 2019.

Jones signed a five-year, $71 million contract in August 2015 that included $47 million guaranteed.

Head coach Dan Quinn said he wasn't nervous about the situation with Jones.  

"I probably didn't feel the same stress that you and the fan base had," Quinn said. "I've known he was coming to camp for a while. And that's part of good communication, player to coaches. It wasn't necessarily where I was not expecting him to be here.

The Falcons hit the field for their first practice Friday morning.

The holdout started when Jones missed mandatory mini-camp in June. His decision to hold out pertains to the desire to have his contract revised. However, the team has previously stated that it will not rework his deal.

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