Cardi B and T.I. Respond To Trump's Iran Attacks

This is what they had to say over President Trump's recent actions.

January 9, 2020
Steven Ferdman / Stringer

Steven Ferdman / Stringer



Cardi B calls President Trump 'a terrorist' 

Cardi B called President Donald Trump as a terrorist days after she announced that she was taking her talents to Africa after  a U.S. drone strike was launched that killed an Iranian commander. Cardi dropped a bomb (pun intended) on her Twitter account last week after the US took out Iran General Qassem Soleimani with an air strike at a Baghdad airport.

On Wednesday, she called President Trump "a terrorist" on her Instagram account. The post included a video clip from a story on ABC's "Nightline" of an interview with an anti-war protester in Iran.

Voice of Iranians.They not terrorist.Trump is .

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T.I. Agrees With Iran, Disses Trump And Sparks Huge Debate

T.I. said he is praying for soldiers from Iran and the United States as the two countries prepare for possible war.  The rap star bashed President Donald Trump in a caption of a social media post, in which he has shared a video of Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. In the caption, T.I. agreed with the Iranian leader and slammed President Trump as a racist.

Yep...Ummm-Hmmm... Exactly What HE Said‼️ Ain't no Iranian never called me no Nigger,infested our communities wit dope & then locked us up for it,allowed the police to pull us over & gun us down with no accountability,or enslaved us and tried to act like da shit ain't happen. So... as I pray for our soldiers...I'm also gon be praying for theirs. THIS AINT OUR WAR CHAMP!!! #DontStartShitWontBeShit #MAGAHatsAughtaGoFirst

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