LISTEN: Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Phones In

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Addresses the Current State of the City

March 19, 2020

On Thursday, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms signed an executive order, limiting restaurants to take-out service only, closing bars, gyms, and other places where people gather. Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms phones in to chat with Big Tigger and talk about the current state of the coronavirus pandemic in Atlanta, GA

"It's no secret where this is headed," Bottoms says. "We've never faced anything like this in our lifetime."

Bottoms goes on to say that supplies are running short, and the local medical staff is getting sick from being on the frontlines of the disease, caring for sick patients.

"Initially when we began this, people thought young people weren't getting impacted. Well the stats that came out today show that young people are getting very sick with this, so they're not immune. Worse than that, they're taking it home to their parents. They're taking it home to their brothers and sisters that have asthma," Bottoms says.

Big Tigger posed a question that people are raising all over the country: is it okay to still go out for runs and bike rides? "It's fine for you to continue going out. Again, social distancing. Stay 6 feet apart," she says.

"This is a crisis that we've never faced in our lifetime, so this is all different and new for us, but we're going to continue to do and make decisions the best that we can on behalf of our people," Bottoms concludes.




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