Video Shows Detroit Police Car Drive Through Crowd of Protesters

June 29, 2020

A Black Lives Matter peaceful protest took a violent turn last night in Southwest Detroit when an officer on patrol headed into the crowd.

First, the car idled while protesters surrounded it, chanting. Then the cop hit the gas, scattering protesters everywhere. Two protesters tried to jump on top of the police SUV while people were surrounding it ... and that's when the scene got really chaotic.

The officer behind the wheel careened down the street with at least one protesters clinging to the scout car. The rest ran behind, panicked and yelling.

One of the protesters injured his right leg after colliding with the car, but there were apparently no other serious injuries. The Detroit Police department is investigating the actions of both the protesters and the officer who was driving.

A protester told WDIV-TV the officer’s actions underscore the reason they're out there, as cops “feel like they could do anything with impunity.”

“That’s why we march,” he said. “The police feel like their badge gives them the authority to do harm and damage under any circumstances.”

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