Ramona's 5 Tips for Back To School

Start working on these now!

July 24, 2018

1. Get your child on their School schedule for at least 3 days before school starts.

Being late on the first day back to school is not a great look. Adjust your family’s schedule ahead of time so you won’t be running crazy on an already emotional day.


2. Get only common sense items on your child’s school list for now.

I know how it is for super parents. You want to get it all done and over with while you’re in the superstore buying other essential items for your student.  But you’ll save yourself time and frustration if you wait until the first week of class. The teachers almost always have specific items in addition or in place of the items on the school list found in stores. Just get the basics; a notepad, loose leaf paper, and pens, etc for the first day. Trust me.


3. Set aside an organized homework area. 

This tip helped our 16-year-old in years past keep up with her heavy study load. It’s a task but have them write their upcoming projects on a board or calendar. The good news is, most schools require that they keep an agenda. This is especially important for Junior High and High School students.


4. Check your child’s agenda and school parent portal every Friday if not daily!

A good teacher once told us at Junior High School orientation “your kids are going to forget everything!”

I’ll be darned if it’s true. Our Leah has had straight A’s for all of Junior High and High school but it took some effort. 

There were the lessons we all had to learn when we found ourselves running to Walgreens and Walmart on Sunday evening for a project she waited to start. Sign up for alerts and email all of your child’s teachers personally. 


5. Take the pictures!

Your student may get angsty and embarrassed but in years to come you are going to be happy you have a marker for where they’ve been and how much they’ve grown.