The Kardashian Secrets They May Not Be Able To Keep Any Longer

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February 28, 2018
Lamar Odom

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Surely Kris Jenner is closing in on Lamar Odom as this Trending Topics is being read.

After all, not only is the ex-husband of her daughter Khloe Kardashian reporterdly writing a tell-all, Big Tigger's saying one source claims "there might be some things in the book the family doesn't want out there." (Key word in that previous sentence: "MIGHT."

Meanwhile, Odom's stated goal is redemption. Or at least, clarification. 

"Apparently, there's been so many lies written about him he just wants to set the record straight," Tigger explained. (Not that a marriage that happened one month after meeting, played out on reality TV and "conicided with infidelity and heavy drug abuse" isn't an at least interesting story in itself.)