Nicki Minaj, Missing

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March 2, 2018
Nicki Minaj

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It's a Rumor & Innuendo Edition of today's Trending Topics, and frankly it's all troubling.

According to the website Crazy Days and Nights, "apparently we're going on 62 days since we've last seen or heard from Nicki Minaj," Big Tigger reported. And allegedly it's because the hip-hop superstar has been in rehab for a Percocet addiction.

Minaj has referenced the drug in at least two songs, and her now-everywhere ex-boyfriend Safaree has hinted that she is a "pill-popper" as well,

But that's not all he's sharing. (And no we're not talking about those pictures.) 

Safaree's also claiming he was "verbally and physically abused" by Minaj.

"Nicki has yet to respond to those allegations," Tigger added. "Nicki has yet to respond at all. We ain't heard from her in two months. No word why."