The NFL Draft is Over, Let's Welcome New Players to the Atlanta Falcons

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April 27, 2020
NFL Draft

This NFL draft is one for the books as we are amid a pandemic. The 2020 draft was scheduled to be taped in Las Vegas, instead this year the players were not called to join together but the only choice was to stay home for the 2020 draft. The Atlanta Falcons welcome a handful of great players from several recongizable univiersities giving hope Atlanta is walking into a great season.

1st Round with the 16th pick in the draft the Atlanta Falcons welcome Clemson cornerback A.J. Terrell

2nd Round with the 47th overall pick selected Auburn defensive lineman Marlon Davidson

3rd Round with the 78th overall pick in the selected Temple Center Matt Hennessy.

4th Round With the 119th overall pick selected Fresno State linebacker Mykal Walker and the 134th overall pick selected University of California-Berkley safety Jaylinn Hawkins

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