Celebrating 15 Years of Jeezy's Debut Album, "Lets Get it: Thug Motivation 101"

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July 24, 2020

The game-changing album of 2005 that comes from Jeezy is hitting its 15th anniversary with a celebration like no other. "Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101," also referred to as "TM 101" by Atlanta rapper was released July 26, 2005. As the album hits 15 years, we are celebrating like no other all weekend long. 

Called it Motivation and I done it for the thugs. Wasn’t bout the money I just done it for the Love. 2 million records sold. Thank you to everyone that ever supported my vision, my movement, and my struggle. We did that. Without y’all wouldn’t be no me. Congratulations to you ⛄️ Wish I could make 2 millions plaques! Because you deserve it ⛄️ #KeepGoing‼️@riaa_awards I am and ALWAYS WILL BE FOR THE PEOPLE ✊--

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 "TMT 101" debuted at No. 2 on the top 200 billboard charts, and it was almost inevitable to not hear Jeezy on your radio or at the club. The Snowman rapper debut album was one that would forever change hip hop. The album comes with a 19 song tracklist, which includes bangers like "Bottom of the map," "Bang," "Trap Star," the fun track "My hood," and the crowd favorites like "Go Crazy" featuring Jay-Z, "Soul Survivor" featuring Akon, and "And Then What" featuring Mannie Fresh.  

As Jeezy's first album off of his indie record label "Corporate Thugz" distributed by "Def Jam," he had access to artists that would assist with making each of the tracks unique in itself. The album featured artists such as AkonMannie FreshT.IBun B, and more. 

The album opens up with the album title song "Thug Motivation," which in 2005 we heard nothing like it, from the lyrics to the beats, the raw and street aesthetic, Jeezy brought trapping to hip-hop. Jeezy was a candid type of braggadocio rapper on "Standing Ovation," he'd remind everyone, "Now I'm your rapper's favorite rapper; now I'm your trapper's favorite trapper," giving us a different type of cocky during that time.


As you move through the album, the tracks are strategically put one after the other. Jeezy even made it a point to create records for females like "Tear it Up," featuring Lloyd, which was refreshing coming from a trapper turned rapper. Even if you weren't from Atlanta, Jeezy's musical demeanor connected you to the streets. It was relatable for everyone, as we all seamlessly wore our "Snowman" shirts, screaming out "Trap or Die." 

From top to bottom, the album is all gas no breaks with hit after hit. Although "TM 101" had four singles, if you fell in love with trap music, every song was a hit in your eyes. The majority of the album produced by Shawty Redd assisted Jeezy's flow and set the tone to match his grimey street lyrics. Let's not forget his one of a kind adlibs that hyped you up between bars and chorus on a track. This album is undeniably one of the best debut albums from a rapper. 


As Jeezy has grown over the years, so has his music and his brand. He came into the industry with an unmatched energy that immediately told us he was far from a one-hit rapper; Young Jeezy was here to make a difference and to stay. Over the 15 years, Jeezy has released nine studio albums and has completed his "Thug Motivation" series with his last and final studio album "TM104: The Legend of the Snowman" in 2019.


The evolution of Jeezy has been enjoyable to watch as he's gone from "Snowman" to businessman right before our eyes. He proved that rappers can gracefully mature in this industry while still being your authentic self. 




Tune in to V-103 as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of "Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101," with special mixes dedicated to Jeezy and playing your favorite songs from the album. 


@V103Atlanta and @DefJam are celebrating the 15 year anniversary of @Jeezy's Thug Motivation 101! We're playing special mixes from #Jeezy and playing your favorite songs from the album! For more log onto v-103.com #LetsGetIt

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